Podford University: Giving Thanks to Higher Education

Podford University: Giving Thanks to Higher Education

Guest Chris Higgins (@higgyC) joins us as Podford University founder and newly appointed Dean, Gerald Podford, for a thankfully normal day on campus.

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This is quite an exciting time on campus. You see our beloved founder has somehow gained back his position as Head Dean (Wizard) of Podford University, despite the fact that he was born in the 1700s. But, we don't attend school to ask questions, we attend to learn questions. With all of this excitement you may have forgotten that this week is Thanksgiving. But, fear not. Our hosts would never forget. Today they'll take some time to meditate on what they're truly thankful for.

Episode Outline

  • Podford University Podfordcast
    • Quad Remote Meditation Station: Multiple Weddings
    • Topic Deep Dive: Thanksgiving: What We're Most Thankful For
    • Question Quorner
  • Pasta History 306
  • Inside the Snacktor’s Studio
  • Fish Lab 208

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