Podford Game Club: Yes, Your Grace (Spoilercast)

Podford Game Club: Yes, Your Grace (Spoilercast)

The only Yes, Your Grace podcast you'll ever need. On today's debut of Podford University's Official Game Club, the gang heads to the on-campus arcade to celebrate their love for Yes, Your Grace - a medieval resource management sim available for PC and Console.

Episode Type: Bonus

Podford Game Club is an off-shoot of Podford University, the Satirical College Podcast. Podford University can be found wherever podcasts are sold or stolen. We hope, if you enjoy our video game discussion, you might give our other episodes a try. Thanks for listening!

About Today's Episode:

  • Game: Yes, Your Grace
  • Developer: Brave At Night
  • In this Kingdom management RPG, where your decisions have consequences, petitioners will arrive in the throne room to ask for your guidance. Every turn, decide whether to intervene with their problems or conserve resources for more important matters. Remember, your capital is limited, and not everyone has the Kingdom's interests at heart...