Men Like That: Episode XIV - Three Butt Cheeks
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Men Like That: Episode XIV - Three Butt Cheeks

Where's your hole? Which side?

Episode Type: Full

First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize for the crudeness of this title. Creating art is never easy, rarely a cake walk, and never easy. Throughout the many trials and tribulations of the art making process line, Butt cheeks, anywhere from one to three, will appear. Some people are offended by them. But, art, will never stand in the way of the unoffended. Because saying Butt is not even that big a deal anymore in almost 2020.

Brandon pitched a show about butts and we didn’t have any better ideas so that is this episode. There are also secret agents, plumbers, janitors and a Jeff Bezos moon tower that is perfect for taking out peasants. Buckle up, MLT 14 is coming at you with all three cheeks.