Men Like That - Episode XXXVII: Pillow Talk
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Men Like That - Episode XXXVII: Pillow Talk

How long does it take you to count each Cheerio in your bowl before you eat breakfast?

Episode Type: Full

Wow a lot of fun surprises in store for this episode. Well, I guess it’s just one surprise and I don’t know if you’d consider it fun. It is a surprise nonetheless though and it’s going to shake things up slightly. We don’t usually like to rock the boat too much, but maybe during these times we could all use a nice little surprise.

Listen I just realized maybe some people don’t like surprises and this might be stressful for them. The last thing people need right now is more stress, so I’ll just say the surprise is a new segment. Some snake talk too, but it’s not scary snake talk. Hope you like what we’ve done.