Men Like That - Episode L: The Very Big Five Oh.
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Men Like That - Episode L: The Very Big Five Oh.

In marriage the 50th anniversary is the gold anniversary. In podcasts the 50th episode is the Austin Powers: Goldmember anniversary.

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Can you believe it? 50 beautiful episodes, we've really made it. You know, in dog podcasts we'd have about 350 episodes by now. Isn't that amazing? 350 episodes if we were three stupid dogs making a podcasts about dog trash. We'd probably bark up a storm and talk about how good it is to eat grass, chew on bones, and chase those cats around the neighborhood. It's fun to imagine what our podcasts would be like if we were three big beautiful dogs.

A few old friends come by this episode to celebrate with us too! All of your old favorites swinging by to help us answer some of your questions. It's truly amazing all of the friends we've made along the way while recording this podcast. It really makes you wonder what kind of guests we would've had stop by if we were three big dogs recording a podcast instead of humans...