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Students & Faculty Found In Bear Law

Bearnell Ursos

Professor, Attorney

Professor Ursos rose to prominence by providing the main argument in the landmark McCulloch v Maryland v Bear case, which overturned the federal government’s implied power over Bear state legislatures.

Stelios Pansequestinitus

Professor, Attorney

As a long-time hobbyist-turned-professional Bear Lawyer, taking on cases most impovershed bears wouldn't dream of pursuing, Stelios earned his stripes infamously in the fall of 2005, defending the likes of one 'Ransom the Bear' in the precedent-setting Ransom v The State of Idaho.

Purnell Aldous Winsley Finstetter

Professor, Attorney

A retired lawyer and founder of Bear Law as a widely studied legal practice, this former attorney has decided to take his knowledge to the classroom. Purnell will fight for bear rights until the day he dies.

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