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Students & Faculty Found In The Pawed Chalice

Gerald Podford

Head Dean, Podford University Founder

Founder of Podford University and emphatic, passionate parlor magician, Gerald can be found in the Dean's mansion, plotting new ways to bring his once-great school back to greatness.

Abernathy Wickspittle

Former Head Dean, R.I.P.

Riddled with emphysema and a former and founding member of the Joffreys Group, this retired finance rat decided to try his hand at running a college in an effort to discover the shortest distance to lining his own pockets. May he rest in peace.

Thurman Urman

Pawed Chalice Elder, Student

Extremely old, very wise, sort-of senile, this brother of the Urman Three can be found studying Pasta History (again) when he's not running meetings and plotting long-deserved mutiny at The Pawed Chalice.

Churman Urman

Pawed Chalice Elder, Student

Brother of Burman and Thurman and a founding member of the Pawed Chalice. As dumb as he is old.

Burman Urman

Pawed Chalice Elder, Student

A very old member of Podford’s secret society, which he will not talk about because it is a secret.

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