A pizza isn’t a pizza until you top it fresh with mootsadell and basil. Similarly, porridge isn’t porridge until someone refers to it as “oatmeal” so that you can tell them how incorrect they are. Nothing says “intelligence” like flexing your grammar muscle which is why today’s episode is brought to you by Miriam AND Webster (yes, both of them — they both agreed to this). Miriam and Webster told us to tell you, loyal listnership of Men Like That, that it is not okay to screw around with the English Language. If you or a loved one are affected by poor grammar, please call Miriam’s personal cellular phone, the number to which is provided during today’s program.

Absolutely no one was injured during the making of this podcast, but we were considering eating bear meat just to sort-of have an enriching life experience. Vin said he wouldn’t do it though which is kind of lame. I guess that’s why he’s considered the “dumb” one on the show.