When you wrap up a fat one and plop down on the plaid sofa with your boys, one thing comes to mind instantly: Ghosts: those scary, translucent dead guys! But, when you’re afraid of something, you know who to call: Asher Roth: the guy that loves college as much as ghosts love scaring people.

In 2019, Asher Roth’s tour manager sat down Asher and told him it was time to commit to his favorite dress-up holiday: Halloween: All Hallow’s Eve. Fortunately for podcast fans, it’s also the Men Like That’s favorite dress-up holiday. Podcast fans, better known as smart phone owners who are bored, have loved Men Like That’s take on “Halloween” for two millennia and change, that’s why this year we wanted to crank things up to ghost-eleven.

Grab your candy and your AirPod Pro’s (affiliate link): it’s time for the spookiest Men Like That, ever: this episode.