We hope you're excited for a lot of Flintstones talk because we've got that modern stone age family on the brain. There's nothing we love more than really digging into some Flintstones science and trying to figure out how that beautiful family of freaks lived.

What is your favorite live-action Flintstones film? Is it the first one with Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble? OR is it the second one where they go to Rock Vegas and Stephen Baldwin plays Barney Rubble? There is only one correct answer, and if this helps, only one of them has Alan Cumming playing one of the greatest Flintstones characters. The character I'm obviously talking about is the Great Gazoo, the alien that only Fred and Barney can see that calls them "dumb dumbs." So grab your favorite slab of old dinosaur meat and listen to a nice new episode.