For the past few years people have been going crazy about cell phones. They're the phones you can bring every where, you can talk to anyone you want no matter where you are. We don't know about the rest of you, but here at Men Like That HQ, well we think that's pretty neat! We think it's great that if you're out grocery shopping you can still have a friend call to say "hello" because a good "hello" from a great friend is one of life's simple pleasures, there's no denying that. We can't wait to share some good cell phone stories with all of you.

We also dive into that age old question of "how do you get bugs out of your body or out of pipes?" There's a lot of takes on the internet about what you should do in this situation, so we're going to give you our very own spicy take, just like you always want. Keep some ice on hand before you listen to this episode, because we're coming in hot.