What's your favorite part of the pickle? The crunch? The sour? The color green? Maybe you don't like pickled cucumbers though, maybe you prefer picked radishes or onions. Maybe you don't like pickles at all, perhaps when it comes to vegetables you're a "fresh is best" kind of person. That's fine! We're not judging anyone based on their pickle preferences... well, one of us is, but that's up to you to figure out.

We're a pro-pickle podcast and we're not just saying that because we love alliteration. No, we love pickles here. In fact we've completely stopped eating foods that aren't pickled because it just makes more sense to us. Pickled foods last longer, they have a bunch of juice in them you can drink, AND once the apocalypse is fully underway we can all but guarantee that pickles will become a staple in bartering for goods and services. So grab a jar of your favorite Vlasics and dig into this new fresh episode before we decide to pickle it.