Well, that's it folks. We're ending Men Like That much like we began it (the first time, before Brandon!); with a complicated plot line involving time-travel and silly magic and stuff. Even Jeff is here, too, for all you OGs.

We're all really glad you actual strangers listened to the show. It means a lot to us that we made something that ya'll regularly downloaded and tuned into on a weekly basis. So, the truth is we're not ending the show because we feel like we failed (even though we are, as individuals, failures) but instead because we want to continue to put our effort, time, and energy into something we could better explain to a newcomer.

We decided we want to work on something that folks couldn't possibly ever mistake for an actual advice show, or something tailed specifically for men [vomit sounds here]. "Men Like That" was inspired by a line from The Room; it was never meant to imply we're creating content specifically for the boys! So ... our upcoming podcast Podford University promises to be as ludicrous and irreverent as MLT ever was, if not moreso, while offering an easier and more unique pitch to newcomers. We hope you love it as much as we've loved putting it together. Stay tuned for PU's launch!

From the minds that brought you Men Like That: Podford University, arriving to your podcast device Fall Semester 2020.