Well, I feel like a schmuck. It’s episode two and we’re already breaking format because certain Cartridge Family members just had to take precious vacations, visit Germany for Gamescom, and give birth (not literally since biologically he can’t) to a human child. Who am I kidding, Buff we’re all so happy for you and your new baby girl, Brynn. The alliteration is strong with this one.

For those of you that were kind enough to give us a shot last week and a second shot this week, I say thank you and I’m sorry for not having a proper episode for you. What I’m not sorry about is filling that void with a fun, brief discussion with a new colleague of mine, Tom Bramwell, the former EIC of Eurogamer. I’ll let him introduce himself properly on the episode … which brings me to my last point—I owe you good listeners a proper mission statement and some introduction for each TCF team member. That’ll have to wait until next week, but know this: The point of this show is to have a lighthearted but educated discussion (maybe ‘experienced’ is the better word) about games and the games industry. We’ll go over that in better detail when my brothers return home, though.

For now, please enjoy this asterisked episode of The Cartridge Family. Tom and I will briefly go over the Xbox One X, touch on SNES Preorder woes, and finally discuss why League of Legends is so difficult to cover for a mainstream games media outlet.