It seems in our old age we’ve succumbed to the warm embrace of nostalgia. This week, we again look back in time at Valve’s most delectable release, The Orange Box. You remember, right? It had a bunch of Half-Life 2 episodes and Portal and Team Fortress 2. What a great collection. Also, we gotta stop doing this segments because we’re all feeling really old after we finish these.

This episode also includes a rundown of a selection of recent gaming releases and headlines followed by a brief (mostly corroborated) history of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels … which the fam decides is too difficult to be fun. Feel free to fire back at us casuals, if you like, but we ain’t got time for that. We wrap things up with another edition of Buffa’s Back o’ the Box Beatdown (working title that I just came up with, just now). All that and more on today’s show!