There came a-knockin’ in the night. It was a young, but cunning sir by the name of Zucosky — Andrew Zucosky. It was foretold by the Podgods that a gentle spirit would grace the fam with his presence. Little did the fam know the spirit was haunting their very workspace for years and years, oh what a tale… Sorry guys, yeah Andrew joined us this week. It was great to have him.

On today’s show, we go over the latest headlines in gaming (including the launch of the most powerful games console in the world, the Xbox One X) before discuss the results of the latest community poll: What was the best game that released last month? After that, we discuss Super Mario Galaxy, the Wii’s 10 year old bounty of fun before Buffa beats Andrew and I down with a sentimental reading of Sega Genesis game box. Am I the only one who’s never heard of Greendog, before?