So this week we had no choice but to focus on the obvious: EA is on their knees, begging for Walt’s head’s mercy, profusely apologizing for taking one of the most beloved IPs of all time, Star Wars, and shining a hideous light on it. Whatever your stance on the Battlefront II micro-transaction saga, it’s hard to defend EA’s sloppiness in handling the matter. Sure, yes, they’re most definitely listening to fan feedback, but its hard to applaud them for that considering the fact they’re going to flip that switch back on in (presumably) a few weeks and also since this whole situation was likely avoidable to begin with.

Besides the Star Wars stuff, the fam is focused on the usual: this episode kicks off with some of the latest releases in gaming, followed by our thoughts on EA, a quick discussion about Nintendo Switch ports and a look back on Konami’s Sunset Riders. All this and more on today’s show.