Most of you are well aware that The Cartridge Family is an elaborate front for the fam’s Nintendo Switch enthusiast fan-club, but we sincerely make no effort this show to conceal our true form. Nintendo Directs are exciting, though, so can you blame us?

After our recap of the Nintendo Direct Mini, the family takes a look back at the Xbox Original’s Panzer Dragoon Orta, a game that turned 15 years old just a few days back. Following that, Buffa says “you think that game’s old?” and bestows upon us Gates of Zendocon, a 29 year old morsel originally released on the Atari Lynx in the late 1980s. After the requisite beatdown, we discuss our upcoming Game Club which of course we invite any and all of you to participate in. Andrew and I (and perhaps John if he can buckle down and focus, for once) will be playing Pyre and we’ll be discussing the game, in its entirety, and the end of next week’s show. Join us, won’t you?