We got the family to all (almost all) sit down to dinner together in the same room. I said, in my strictest of tones “put away your phones, remove your elbows from the table, and sit up straight for it is time to discuss video games, as a family.” Naturally, this request was met with a battery of moans; in fact, I’m pretty sure John continued to apply mascara and tell me that “family is stupid” while he continued to use Snapchat beneath the tabletop. I promptly grounded him but not before we recorded 60 minutes of gaming audio gold.

On today’s show we go over the latest gaming headlines including Nintendo’s next mobile venture, Mario Kart Tour. We discuss Red Dead Redemption 2’s second delay alongside an official release date and how excited we are to pretend to be cowboys again this holiday. We then go over the fact that Shadow of the Colossus is getting rave reviews in its second lifetime premiere before we agree we’re not tired of all of these re-releases. If developer-folk can make an old game new again, go for it. We’re in. All this and more on today’s show.