It’s pretty remarkable that Destiny originally released over 3 years ago (there I go again contemplating my own finite mortality). Since release, along with that of it’s sequel, Destiny has carved out a place for console gamers to grind for gear as part of an Activision-prescribed daily habit — activities more typically relegated to PC gaming. Whatever your opinion of the gameplay might be, it’s tough to deny Destiny’s impact on “Games as a Service” for home consoles.

Ubisoft’s The Division and BioWare’s upcoming Anthem are examples of other major publishers trying to tackle a similar space and with no reserve about what player’s can expect from these epicly scoped titles. Somewhat surprisingly, late last month, another major publisher has indeed achieved success in the loot-grind console front in the form of Capcom’s Monster Hunter World. The game itself isn’t an enormous surprise, but the void it’s filled in my Destiny-less lifestyle is. Listen to Episode 25 of The Cartridge Family for more on Monster Hunter World’s success and so much else.