Edit: This didn’t make the cut for the show, but … Breakfast cereals are certainly no stranger to advertising schemes targeted at children. So, when Nintendo announced Super Mario Cereal last year, we were all naturally very excited to stock our pantry, but not necessarily surprised at the concept (especially because they’d done this before). When Nintendo starts making craft tape designed to be used on your ripping, aging Labo, we were a little more surprised but, admittedly, equally excited. Next, I suppose we’ll all be preordering Nintendo Table Saw, for when Labo 2 comes out and we’re all just literally building sheds in our backyard.

On today’s show, the fam spends a little time talking about some notable gaming headlines from the week. We follow that up by asking the group if we think that current generation consoles (Xbox One, PS4) are starting to feel old. It seems we’re (perhaps quite) a ways away from the next round of consoles, regardless; but what do you think? Afterward, we decide we’re not ready to part ways and play a single round of 19Q Magoo (Questions listed below) before diving into the requisite beatdown. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.