When you live in the presence of genius, it’s allure and power are undeniable. When a true artist creates, unhinged from the confines of Big Brother, the results are irrefutable. When you play the new Kojumbo game (can we even call it that), the effect it has on your soul is nothing short of a miracle. But you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Its that day of the week again (Friday) (which is the best day), and so here I am offering another blood sacrifice to the Podcast Daemon in .mp3 format (her preference, not mine). We offer unto you, the listeners, this same product per the arrangement we’ve made with the Daemon - it’s all very complicated. Today, Andrew hosts the show and provides you with all the gaming news you could ever want, including an update on my Witcher 3 playthrough, Bethesda’s lawsuit over the new Westworld mobile game, Xbox’s upcoming keyboard and mouse hardware options and so much more. Thanks as always for listening and please be sure to let your local Podcast Daemon know you enjoyed this week’s sacrifice show.