Brace yourselves. Today’s the day you’ve had marked on your calendar for months and months. No, not because you’ve been looking forward to the upcoming JRPG, Octopath Traveler, but because you’re childishly supertitious and today is Friday the 13th. The family had the clairvoyance necessary to dodge this supernatural bullet earlier in the week by scheduling their recording a day before their usual Friday show. The Time Demons were wise to us though, and strengenthed their curse on our podcast tenfold causing all manner of both technical and audio trouble … which you will now have the pleasure of being party to.

On today’s show (can I really call it that this week) we talk to John while he’s in a rented Kia in California, driving to an appointment. This, if you’re ever thinking about putting a podcast together, is a terrible idea and I should’ve known better. When his connection inevitably fails, and the 3 remaining father brothers are left with no real paternal presence (sorry Buff), they turn to each other to discuss what was a relatively light week in gaming news. Fortunately, though, we did learn a bit more about Techland’s upcoming Dying Light 2which looks really cool. Tune in for that and a number of other interesting gaming tidbits on this week’s episode. Thanks for listening!