Its been about a year since we started this podcast. Last summer, myself, John Benyamine, Chris Buffa, and Vin Genova took control of your ears and haven't let go since then. In that time, Vin has moved on to other ventures while the fam here gained an exemplary new member in Andrew Zucosky. It goes without saying that having extended relatives over for supper is everyone's favorite pasttime. The same is true for this family. Welcome back Vin. We missed you and we'll miss you again after this episode.

Unfortunately, our guest comes to fill in the void left by our father-fathers. John's in Germany at Gamescom and Buffa's with his other family on vacation. Fear not, though, dear listener as this episode is sure to entertain as we discuss Nintendo's latest Nindie's Showcase, Battlefield V's preorder woes, Bad North's performance hiccups, Andrew's mixed feelings on Battle for Azeroth, Amazon's removal of their gaming discounts, and so much more. We wrap up the show with the 4th and final installment of our Octopath TravelerGame Club. This was a fun one. Thanks for listening!