Happy last day of November to you on this final Friday of the month. We've got just a few more weeks in the year left and, as a result, we're winding things down on the podcast in antipation of an exciting, new year. Before we take a short, holiday hiatus we'll be bringing you a few more festive (not really) episodes to wrap up the year.

Today, we finally make some real headway in Red Dead Redemption II. John and I are absolutely enamored with the game and the level of polish that went into making it come alive. This is in stark contrast to Bethesda's Fallout 76, a game that seems to be missing even a single trace of TLC. We talk about Fallout 76's Canvas bag debacle before diving into Elon Musk's latest automobile-related promises of romance until finally wrapping up the show with our weekly beatdown. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!