Of all the weeks in September 2019, this one will likely be our favorite, and not just because of the pumpkin ice coffees, Halloween decorations, and week 3 of NFL football. There were seismic shifts within the gaming universe that will change everything.

First up, we have the Sega Genesis Mini Console, a slick piece of hardware that comes with 42 16-bit games from the 90s, offering up such hits as Sonic the Hedgehog, Gunstar Heroes, and Shining Force. John has one, but Buffa is on the fence despite everyone praising this device as THE new benchmark by which all mini systems shall be judged. You let us know if Buffa’s reasoning makes sense.

From there, Apple released the new lineup of watches and iPhone 11 phones, but also Apple Arcade. Granted, the service has only been live for a few days (iOS 13 beta testers experienced it earlier than most of us)… but this appears to be the real deal and a possible market disruptor that will prevent Sony and Nintendo from gobbling up some cash on their respective digital stores. Find out why.

Finally, Nintendo sent us into the weekend with multiple goodies. We have the brand-new Switch Lite system, which John has two of for some reason. Then there’s the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and if you still care about amiibo, well, that shiny new Link will be difficult to pass up; Solid Snake doesn’t look bad, either.

Oh yeah, and John suddenly unboxed all of his new toys during the podcast, which might be the first non-video podcast unboxing of all time. Thankfully he’s so good that you can just close your eyes and see everything.