Hey, here's something to consider: Buffa isn't the father-father he cracked himself up to be. I mean, would you leave your father-brothers or whatever at home all alone while you frolic at some sort of undisclosed but prominent comic-book related conference in New York? No, you wouldn't. Your Mother-sisters or whatever raised you better than that. At any rate, John and myself were able to muster the strength necessary to conjure one more episode of this All-Time-Greatâ„¢ Podcast for you before my life fundamentally changes forever in the next few days (I hope and pray). So, do me a favor and listen intently at the yearning in my voice; the yearning for something real - family, world peace, a real answer to climate change... Where am I? See? This is why I need Buffa; someone who isn't a freak needs to write these episode blurbs. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!