It’s Friday! It’s Friday! The family gets down with Friday, and oh, what a Friday it is! Hideo Kojima’s long-awaited cinematic experience, Death Stranding, is available nationwide.

Similar to The Outer Worlds, there is much division over Kojima’s latest. Joe, who is somehow completing 40 hour RPGs despite having as newborn, can’t wait to build bridges in Death Stranding, while John doesn’t think he’ll give it a shot... at least any time soon, and not for $59.99; oddly enough, the $199.99 Collector’s Edition tempts him.

Buffa, meanwhile, does not have much of an opinion. In fact, he’s barely on today’s podcast at all because his daughter (off from school... thanks teachers) is out of sight and predictably pouring pink paint all over the playroom carpet; warm soapy water, don’t fail us now!

Things get tense when John recaps his recent mall trip (yes, he drove to a real mall) to pick up the new Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller, only to be met by GameStop retail types who looked upon him with disdain. They also presented, how shall we say this... “alternative facts” about GameStop’s online inventory system. If you cringe before stepping foot into one of these stores, well, there’s no better way to embrace the weekend than listening to John’s impassioned tale.