OK, so Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards came and event, the winners were crowned, and some new games were revealed, but is this show merely a commercial vehicle used to generate hype, or does it actually celebrate the year in games? Or, can it be both? There’s nothing wrong with doing both, right? Right?

From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the 2019 game of the year. Seems fine. Sekiro scored high with critics and fans when it debuted earlier this year. What’s not to like? Well, The Family think this might have been a safe pick to shield The Game Awards from becoming the Death Stranding awards.

Seriously, who was talking about Sekiro after April 2019? Not us, that’s for sure. Joe couldn’t stomach the game after four hours, and it didn’t land on John’s radar, either. No offense to diehard Sekiro fans. Don’t @ us, please. After you enjoy the greatest Game Awards breakdown in the literal universe, Buffa will slay you with the best jokes that gaming has to offer. He should just go open for Dave Chappelle today. You won’t laugh, nor will you cry. It is truly a special moment in podcast history.

Last but not least, it’s a beatdown for the ages. You’ll never see this coming. And when you have the beatdown stuck in your head for weeks, well, you have us to thank. We think it will “warm” your heart. If you prefer shooting from the hip and stuffing schedules into the paper shredder, this episode of The Cartridge Family will be your favorite. No apologies that it took 84 recordings to get there. We’re just happy you’ve been along for the ride.