It’s official! Sony unveiled the logo for the PlayStation 5! And the crowd went… ugh!

To be fair, we don’t remember Sony hyping up its CES event as THE destination for all things PS5, so this is probably another case of the collective Internet getting excited for nothing. Putting the cart before the horse. Walking before crawling. Chicken before the egg! We can do this all day!

The fact that all we received was the PS5 logo, though, begs the following question: when will this next generation of consoles kick into gear? We want to see games, release dates, and price points!  Hey Sony, tell us we can dust off that old PSOne copy of Einhander and relive the 32-bit glory days!

John thinks there’s a chance that Sony won’t even release the PS5 in time for holiday 2020, while Joe feels that for the moment, everything is going according to plan if you follow the PS4 timeline. Does that mean there’s a press event on the immediate horizon? Well, if Microsoft and Sony intend to bring new consoles to the market by November of this year, the time is now!

As for Buffa, it seems his New Year’s resolution to beat more video games is off to a great start. In fact, he already finished three games this month! Granted, each one takes roughly an hour to complete and he stripped all of the challenge from them by taking advantage of unlimited continues, but a beaten game is a beaten game no matter how the credits roll.

This episode is a bit all over the place, but when you have three dads juggling careers and kids, we like think that the unpredictability is what makes us… human.