So far, the 2020 release schedule is like driving down the highway when your favorite NFL team is playing. Expect delays! Every game is getting pushed. Square Enix delayed its Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Marvel’s Avengers, while CD Projekt Red shocked the Internet with a fall delay for its highly anticipated Keanu Reeves simulator, Cyberpunk 2077! That said, it’s not all doom in gloom. Resident Evil 3 is still on track for spring (we received a sweet-looking trailer starring the Nemesis), and we think the Cyberpunk rescheduling is actually smart. In fact, our reasoning has nothing to do with developer crunch or even giving them more time to polish the game.

Meanwhile, GameStop is doomed. No, for real this time. The company’s 2019 holiday sales nosedived compared to 2018, the per share price looks scary, and the CEO blamed the upcoming next generation consoles. Things look bleak!

Listen, everyone piles on GameStop because it’s so damn easy, but we opted for a different approach. Instead of (only) criticizing its antiquated business model and borderline customer harassment, each of us laid out a plan to save GameStop and prevent the company from closing its doors for good… and we did it in like, a half an hour. Whatever the CEO makes per year, we deserve all of it.

Find out what we think about these delays, uncover the mystery behind our GameStop five-point plan, and stay until the end for one of the funniest beatdowns in ages. Then, order yourself a loaded (and we mean… loaded) baked potato. Yum!