We’re one month into 2020 and everyone’s starving for a shred of info on the next generation consoles. Well, how about the boot-up sequence and jingle for the PlayStation 5? Yup! It appears someone shot a quick video of Sony’s new PlayStation firing up, and it’s… not bad? It also might not be real. Who knows what to believe with today’s Internet?

Let’s say it’s real. Where does the PS5 jingle rank amongst 20 plus years of console boot sequences? Is it better than Dreamcast? Perhaps, but we’ll say this much… it’s a heck of a lot cooler than the Atari Jaguar’s.

Meanwhile, the family is busy playing games! John and his kids are addicted to Stardew Valley, while Joe cannot wait to dive into Kentucky Route Zero for the Switch. Buffa, on the other hand, is still trapped in the 90s with a bunch of old retro games. Perhaps he’ll gravitate to playing something released in the 2000s next week!

The Family visited a New Jersey diner before this recording, so let us know if full bellies and a change of schedule made a difference with episode 90!