After weeks of John and Buffa telling Joe that his video game time would plummet with a baby to take care of (and Joe to his credit pushing back on this), it finally happened. His little cherub consumed his life and he barely enjoyed two hours of video games this week. Life comes at you fast, Joe!

John and Buffa returned to their respective homes after a bit of traveling. While suffering through hours spent on different planes, John passed the time with a little gem called Wilmot’s Warehouse, while Buffa cracked open The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening after giving old school game, Magician Lord, the boot.

The three dads cover a variety of topics in episode 091, including their thoughts on that downright charming Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch, which is being affected by the unfortunate Coronavirus outbreak; same with the Switch version of Outer Worlds. Then, the guys talk about whether owning video game collectors editions make sense the older they get. John is the proud owner of a Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector’s Edition, but will he ever get around to putting the puzzle together? Maybe he can tackle the puzzle while wearing the included red bandana and RDR2-branded pins.

From there, we top off the podcast with a back of the box reading for the ages that doesn’t exactly paint the year 2020 in the best light. But considering the recent goings on with Coronavirus and the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, 2020 hasn’t exactly gotten off to a peaches and cream start, so someone mishandling plutonium hidden beneath the Statue of Liberty’s dress seems plausible. We’re doomed.