It’s Valentine’s Day 2020, and the dads spend part of this episode expressing their love for video games! John downloaded the new Dead Cells Bad Seed DLC, while Buffa is all about The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Joe, on the other hand, needed some Rocket League to clear his brain of Kentucky Route Zero, which might be good? He’s not sure yet.

Nintendo Switch lounges in airports? Nintendo has plans to bring its Switch to a handful of U.S. airports for people to play while waiting for their flights to take off, but there’s a catch that sort of defeats the purpose. Then Sega releases yet another Yakuza game. We spent the 2000s hearing about this popular Yakuza series that was only available abroad, and now Sega has a new Yakuza every other month. It’s crazy, but of course, really cool if you’re into organized crime.

Some sad news… Game Awards creator and host Geoff Keighley says that he won’t attend E3 this year for… reasons. The family speculates why everyone's favorite gaming host won’t make an appearance at the famous video game convention. Spoiler, it rhymes with the word “honey”.

Buffa is back from a short trip to LA, where he played Outriders, the new cover-based shooter from Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly. The game is scheduled the launch holiday 2020 just in time for the next generation consoles, so what’s it all about? Buffa has all the info.

Last but not least, we cap off the episode with John beating down Joe, and a back of the box for one of Switch Online’s newest games, which unfortunately is not Donkey Kong Country.

Enjoy the long weekend!