Oh, Sony! You’re on top of the world with the PlayStation 4. You’ve had years to position the PlayStation 5 as the next evolutionary step in your path to continued dominance. There’s literally no way you could mess this up.

Yikes! Find out how everything went wrong during the week’s surprise PS5 tech rundown. We hope you speak Cerny!

Then we have GameStop. For one brief moment, we applauded the company for releasing DOOM Eternal a day early to promote social distancing within its stores. But then corporate wasted its good press by refusing to close those stores as the pressure for the United States to shut down amid the COVID-19 crisis intensifies. Why? Well, because GameStop considers itself essential retail, putting its video game business in the same group that most people would drop supermarkets and pharmacies into. People need their physical copies of games just as much as they need Albuterol inhalers, right? Sorry, no.

In other news, John has more Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing systems than you do, Joe heaps praise on Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Buffa is ready for the Resident Evil 3 demo. All that and more as we charge ahead to episode 100!