Art... what is it? What does it mean to us? Is art paintings? Is it a good drawing of an elephant? What about this podcast? Is it art? The boys discuss a recent on-campus art exhibit and give their thoughts on what they saw, what art means to them, and if they participated. Also, let's not forget about the annual Winter Collegiate Job Fair taking place in the Cormac Gondolo Gymnasium. The job fair promises to be the perfect place to find your true calling and some information on capturing a certain variety of pigeon.

Episode Outline

  • Podford University Podfordcast
    • Quad Remote Meditation Station: Sacred Cul-de-sac
    • Topic Deep Dive: Our Review of Podford's Recent Art Exhibit
    • Question Quorner
  • Future History 101
  • Marketing 101
  • On-Campus Activity

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