An important announcement from the Health and Wellness staff arrives in the nick of time. Please be sure to listen to today's episode for best practices on how to stay safe during your [officially non-sanctioned] night hike in the woods surrounding Podford. But it's not all gloom and doom around here: the boys take a deep dive into the world of ballet as they discuss and give their opinions on Podford's Holiday Nutcracker Ballet Special. They are madly into the world of fancy dancing so this chat promises to be highly informative.

Episode Outline

  • Podford University Podfordcast
    • Quad Remote Meditation Station: Interpretive Stance
    • Topic Deep Dive: Our Review of Podford's "The Nutcracker" Winter Ballet
    • Question Quorner
  • Inside the Snacktor’s Studio
  • On-Campus Activity: Mrs. Schmates Rescue
  • Off-Campus Activity: Magnum Orchid Night Hike

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