December is upon us and that means many of us are rushing to find the perfect gift for that special someone(s) in our lives. Luckily for you, the boys have compiled a handy list of treats, covering every conceivable base, effectively neutralizing all holiday shopping anxiety for the show's listenership. So, you don't have to fret about getting the perfect Podford present. I repeat: do not worry about holiday shopping. We've got you covered. Oh, and we have some hot and spicy news about everyone's favorite round, crunchy food said to be making a big splash on campus!

Episode Outline

  • Podford University Podfordcast
    • Quad Remote Meditation Station: Grass Carpet
    • Topic Deep Dive: Holiday Shopping Tips & Tricks
    • Question Quorner
  • Fish Lab 208
  • Bear Law 103
  • Pod on the Rocks

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